March 16, 2010


Oh how I need one!! Its the perfect way to RESET & REFRESH the mind and body! Somehow it always seems the STRESS of everyday life gets wayyyy more overwhelming than normal leading up to the vacation and I feel my head spinning by noon! =)

A few years ago I was inspired to pursue my love for photography but then like most things it fizzled out! I'm frustrated, I need an outlet, something other than cleaning and catering to my family daily. Sooooo, I'm going to take my camera out and dust it off for our trip. This time I'm going to take a different approach. Then maybe it won't fizzle.

A special thanks to the mommy bloggers that have "re-inspired" me to try again!


Robyn{Lee} said...

Thats great!! Good luck! : )

Ember said...

Thanks!! =)