April 26, 2010

"GEEZ & crackers!!"

I have so many thoughts running wild in my head today SO I'm just going to make it a "Geez & crackers"(a little bit of everything and then some)post. I'll start by venting a couple negatives and then rounding up with some positives from the weekend and today, YIN & YANG right?

*How can you say "I don't like drama" and "did you hear about" in the same sentence? REALLY??

*You think I should calm down? REALLY?

*I'm sorry but WHY did you ask how I'M doing if you are just going to talk about yourself?? REALLY?

Everyone takes their "right" a little too far. Talk about over extending yourself. Let's all just take a step back, get over yourself and come BACK to reality.

*I'm so thankful to have my husband who keeps me grounded.

*Motrin, oh how I love you, thanks for taking away those migraines!

*Being outside on a 75 degree breezy day... amazing!

There are SO many reasons to stay positive and ONE negative can change it all. Being strong enough to get over it quickly is the hardest part. Be strong people.

PHEW! Now that I got that outta the way!! On to more positives!

This weekend I spent some quality time outside with my boys. I'm teaching my 9 yr old to take pictures. My way of "letting go" and encouraging his talents, messy or not. Here are some of the pictures he took, one of which is now my profile pic! I'm so proud of him!

Until we meet again....


Accustomed Chaos said...

your photographs are gorgeous! you are right - it is silly how we can let one negative thing ruin our whole day.


Devan @ Accustomed Choas

Robyn{Lee} said...

Cute pictures : ) And yes, Be strong indeed! : ) Theres a full moon on the 28th... Ugh. People are crazy.

Ember said...

Thanks for the encouragement!! People are crazy round a full moon! Some even use that as an excuse! LOL

Anonymous said...

You are so right it is all worth it, I wish people could just relax a little and look at all the great things and not the bad things.........

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head with this post...by the way, I love the blog! You are doing and amazing job, and I can't wait to read more. Great Blog!