April 19, 2010

Its Earth week...

So is anyone doing their part for the Earth this week?? During this week my post's will be about being "especially green" for Earth day. So many years have gone by (ok not that many! teehee) and quite honestly its just another day in the year with an occasional "do my part" on that day. I mean really? I should be doing it DAILY. Not to worry I've been getting better by the year. Even teaching my kids the importance of being green and taking care of the planet we live on.

Over the weekend I mulched my yard, with recycled mulch.

Added more veggies to the garden with some help from my older son. I love to watch things grow, eat & share the fruits of our labor.

And fed the birds with help from my youngest son... I love seeing all the different visitors to the feeder and my yard. Once had strange bird, looked like a HUGE roadrunner, IN my yard. Another time I had a hawk! (Prolly preying on one of the smaller birds)

I also handed out some leftover samples of greener cleaning products. Along with some BEAR NAKED granola coupons! If you haven't tried their granola, DO IT, its delish! My kids even LOVE it! Happy Earth Week!


Jennifer said...

Nice! Is that a palm tree I saw? We don't have those in Oklahoma, lol! But really love your landscaping!

Ember said...

Thanks! Yes, we have many palm trees in CA, they grow SO fast and SO big! Never been there, but I bet it's pretty in Oklahoma.

Groovy Baby Blog said...

I love this pics,Great way to celebrate Earth Day,thanks for visiting my blog I'm following your blog now!.