April 16, 2010

Reality TV Roundup

Happy Friday!! I love the weekend!! I also LOVE reality TV! So here's the start of my Reality roundup posts! I'll try to keep it on Friday's and mix up the shows. =) I also received a Blog award so I'll be posting that tomorrow! Thanks again Jennifer!

First it's those dramatic Housewives from RHoNY!! I love all the cities in this series on Bravo, can't stay away, its truly an ADDICTION!
Let's start off with Bethenny, I mean really? I'm happy for you being preggers but TOTALLY didn't need to SEE you peeing on the stick! Bleck!!
Luanne, I love & respect ya girl but at times your right there with the rest of them in the "Over the top" category!
Jill is one of my faves because what you see is what you get with her. I mean how many people can be TO your face what they are behind closed doors?? Love you, Stay strong!
Kelly, you should be frolicking in a field somewhere..... (insert crickets chirping)
Alex, ummmmm, not really sure WHO you are and Simon, there are no words. Ramona, Ramona, time to clean up the diarrhea of the mouth. CRAZY girl you need some filters.

Next up SURVIVOR! BOTTOM LINE people, you shoulda got rid of Russell from the get go! Enough said!

And finally American Idol! This week was hard to watch because I'm not really an Adam Lambert fan. I just couldn't focus! =) That being said America got it "half" right this week, I'll let you be the judge. I'm lovin Lee Dewyze tho!

What are your faves?? Am I missing any good shows? Let me know!


Alexia said...

Congrats on your blog award!

Ember said...

Thanks! =)