May 4, 2010

Mother's Day & Gifts too...

Being a mother is so rewarding! Especially with the added bonus of having a whole day honoring Mothers! And for some it means a well deserved day off from many things like; diapers, laundry, cooking, cleaning, bill paying, being a referee, sleep deprivation, and all things Mommy. Of course we don't get the day off when it comes to honoring our own Mom's. Some like flowers, candy, jewelry, massages, etc. Some just like a card and time spent with their families. How about you?

Now that I'm done with the "proper" (and I meant every word) mini-tribute to mom's up there lets get down to it. We all like a little something special as well as having to GIVE something special. So what do you get for the Mom OR Mother in law that has EVERYTHING? Some are easy and some are not. I have a "some are not" to take care of. I want something different from the traditional picture frame or same old flowers. And of course it needs to be done on a budget. Almost impossible. And there are only 4 days left. I am drawing a TOTAL blank here. HELP...

As for myself,of course I want mini vaca to the bahamas,but I would love nothing more than hugs and kisses from my boys! Ok maybe some flowers too!

Here are a couple reasons I love being a mom.

I LOVE mornings when my kids get up and say "morning mom". Such a sweet sound in my ears.

I LOVE watching their creative minds at work and I have a whole refridgerator of artwork to prove it! ♥

Here's to all the MOM'S out there!


Free2bMommy said...

I love the "reasons I love being a mom" I might have to "steal" that! haha!! Dont worry, I'll totally linky back to ya! Just wanted to let you know that I posted about the award ya gave me! Thank ya and check it out!


One Love Mama said...

I'm so excited, this is my very first year as a Mom! From one Mother to another, Happy Mother's Day xo

Ember said...

AWWW thanks and congrats on your first Mother's Day! =)