June 3, 2010

A little numb from the drama.... (caution, if you don't do drama, don't read!)

I'm not sure what to feel or to write today (a little numb from the drama) so I think I'm gonna let the words flow from my fingertips...

There's been alot of DRAMA in my life lately, some good, some bad and some downright UGLY. I know better than to think that I am the ONLY one in the world with drama in my life. Matter of fact I'm beginning to think I'll never be completely free of it either. (Silly me for seeing a drama free future, right?) How about just making myself feel better by naming the different kinds of drama I've been seeing and experiencing lately.

* Thrill seeking DRAMA peeps- This usually comes from those who are of the voyeuristic nature and like to create and watch it unfold. Are you that CRAZY that you like to see people's blood pressure rise and fall??

* DRAMA magnets- Those who "say" they don't do drama but they become involved in every dramatic situation around!

* Family DRAMA- Its not that serious people! What happened to the love?

* DRAMA mama's- I could write a book on this one but I'll keep it short. That group of mom's you get sucked into but really need to head for the hills, nothing good can come from it! Or where there are 2 or more and whomever isn't there is getting ripped on. (PS may be one of the most evil drama's)

* Religious DRAMA- Let God be the judge people!

* All about YOU DRAMA- UMMMMM there are more people in the world than JUST YOU! Can I get a word in here, or how about 3?? GET OVER YOURSELF!

I too get sucked into the DRAMA. I am no saint.

I prayed last night for just about everything I could think of. I know its my only way out of the insanity.

While reading some blogs this morning, I found the words I needed to hear all week thanks to Laura Jane (thank you)!

"Sin. Repent. Apologize. Learn. Love. {mistakes are inevitable}"

Reading her post today reminded me of the "simplicity" in life. Bring it back to center, remember what's important.


Diana said...

I hear you. There are times I think, "Things are so boring. I'd love a little drama." Then I get it and I wish I hadn't ever wanted it. Most of the time it's not worth the excitement. I need to start wishing for other ways of getting a thrill. :)

Although, sometimes online drama that you watch but aren't involved in is pretty entertaining. lol

Coco said...

I hear ya. I HATE drama but it's neverending. We just have to learn to deal w/ it or tune it out, depending on what kind of drama it is. Hang in there.

Laura Jane said...

Aw- I'm so glad I was able to touch someone with that. It's my credence. I live by it. I will make mistakes and I will probably hurt someone in the process. I have to forgive myself for the drama I will inevitably start.

Ember said...

Diana, I totally agree with the online drama! =)

Coco, it is NEVERENDING! Its also "how" we deal that's important too. Thanks for your support!

Laura Jane, thanks again! I *heart* u!