July 30, 2010

Freebie Friday: One week til school starts!!

TGIF!! These summer weeks have blown by! School starts up again in one week! Not sure if I'm ready yet! I'll have to go back to my oh so crazy schedule and also adding the responsibility of being PTA President too! Scary but I'm sure I can handle it like everything else! How about your summer? Almost over? Still got a way to go?? Have you done everything you wanted to? My boys said they still want to go to Chuck E Cheese and the Beach before school starts. I should be able to handle that!

Glad to see all the new blog followers! I love meeting new people and reading new blogs! When I first started blogging I didn't think anyone but my family would read!! Thanks!

Here are a couple of freebies to kick off your weekend!(a bit personal I know, but they were the only legit ones out there today)

Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel
Kotex mini pads


Vic said...

wow ur going back early:) i need to start shopping! have a fabulous weekend. i'll check out those maxi's....

Ember said...

Have a great weekend too!!

Kimberly said...

Hi Ember! I left you an award on my blog! Happy Saturday! ~Kimberly


Ember said...

Thanks Kimberly!! Much appreciated! =)