August 5, 2010

ho hummm....

OK who's got the cold glass of water to throw at me to WAKE ME UP!?! I guess I caught another case of the blah's! Probably from lack of sleep, food and yoga! Not to mention an overwhelming and fast growing "to do" list!

I've never had insomnia type issues and it seems lately that sleep is not in sight for me? Maybe my body is preparing me to go back to the crazy school year schedule? I'm not big on taking any kind of pill to sleep either. Scared I won't hear the kids and all those bumps in the night. Yesterday's beach adventure pooped me out and I was SURE I was finally gonna catch some Zzzzz's. NOT!! Ended up falling asleep early and having 3 back to back nightmares that woke me and kept me up half the night praying for them to go away! I was even scared to get outta bed for about 30 minutes after jumping out of sleep! Eventually I was sooo exhausted I must have passed out around 3. DON'T wanna do that again! Haven't had a nightmare in years!

Shifting back to positive thoughts, some good things have happened in the last couple weeks!! I was DETERMINED to win the Soda Stream machine from a giveaway on Free2bMommy's blog and I DID it!! If you haven't read her blog yet you SHOULD! Dee keeps me rollin! Since I've embarked on this blogging journey I have learned alot!! I used to think NOBODY ever won things in giveaways or contests. I have been proved WAY wrong! It IS possible to win, especially when you are persistent! I have also met and read about MANY amazing women and a couple guy's too!

I also recieved a couple awards from Jennifer at Life with the Lebeda's and Kimberly at The Stinker Pinkers, post to come soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!! Stop by the blogs mentioned above! You won't regret it!

OK I think I may have snapped out of it! Or its the multiple cups of coffee!!



Life with the Lebedas said...

I've got the blah's today too! My list is a mile long or two but i can't seem to get up and do anything. I've got that Fall Frenzy approaching fast and I need to be focused but i can't. I think the idea of having a list is making me just daze off!

Glad you won the sodastream! Cool, huh?

Ember said...

Can't wait to get it!!

I have SO many lists around here I just need to throw em all out and start over!