July 11, 2011

DIS wierd and blah blah blah....

HELLOOOOO!  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  I am!  Been in the pool alot, that was a GREAT investment for sure.  Work is crazy busy ALWAYS, I've never had a job this nuts!  But I love it so thank goodness y'all don't have to hear my sob stories anymore about feeling like a loser!!  I'm a happy girl this week especially because my baby girl is flying in tomorrow!!  First stop is the beach then off to Arizona for some R & R!

I'm feeling wierd because I haven't been on blogger for a few days and I sign in and they changed it all up now!  SO lets hope the commenting is back to normal too!  YOU HEAR ME BLOGGER PEEPS!!  ahaha  I'm also feeling a little strange because I got my "happy back".  Remember a few months ago I was complaining again (imagine that) about wanting my happy back.  Now lets not get nuts I'm still not happy about the 187 loads of laundry that piles weekly!  BUT I'm feeling happy and full of faith!

I feel a few new recipes on the horizon, plus I planted my garden finally so I'll be posting pics soon. 

FUNNY thing, I've been saying "dis" before everything and it makes me happy too!!  SO here's to being happy!

Oh and enjoy one of my FAVORITE TUNES of the summer!!
Last Friday Night by Katy Perry!



Jenerally Speaking said...

The summer is always crazy but at least your enjoying it in the pool!!

That video is too funny!

Ember said...

I LOVE that video! =)