July 23, 2011

Freebie Saturday:Don't you, forget about me!

Happy Weekend!  I'm hoping to mop my floor finally and get my coupons in order!  Sounds fun right?  OK I will be going in the pool too!  I feel like I've been neglecting my blog since I started working, and I love to write and read other blogs, makes me sad that I haven't had time.  I'm determined to post at least twice a week and more from there.  Please don't forget about me!  I'm here!! 

This weekend I'm going to tackle the hotspots in the house and then sift through my recipes and make something tasty to post!  Its been so hot I HATE to turn on the oven, but my belly lacks the homecooked goodness!

Enjoy some freebies and have a great Saturday!

*free bike waterbottle & spoke cards
*Huggies snug and dry sample
*invisible glass wipes
*Tub O towels


Debbie said...

It's been hot here too - very hot! Just browsing around and stopped by your blog. Gorgeous blog you have!
Have a great evening.

Jenerally Speaking said...

I don't forget about you ;) hehe, just had to throw that in there! Sorry i've been so busy and haven't had time to stop by as much. I rarely even blog, lol. I don't even think i've seen you on fb much or maybe it's that i haven't been on there, lol. Either way, your missing!