August 18, 2011

Grilled Summer Zucchini

Need ideas for that oh so abundant zucchini plant in your garden??  Here's an easy recipe I threw together with what was in the cupboard.  Enjoy!

Grilled Summer Zucchini
*2-4 whole zucchini (ends trimmed and quartered)
*Mrs. Dash tomato basil garlic
*pinch of salt
*olive oil

After you quarter zucchini, put in shallow dish, drizzle 1 tbsp olive oil, add salt and 1 tsp Mrs. Dash.  Mix together and grill to desired tenderness. 

My kids love this!  I couldn't believe it!


Casey Martinez said...

Seriously I am salivating right now at the thought of eating that!!! I have never made that before but, I def. want to try now...yummmm!!

Ember said...

Its so yummy!!

Jenerally Speaking said...

I've never grilled them before but i will now. That looks great!! :)