August 12, 2011

Happy its the weekend....

I'm so glad its the weekend. 
The battle in the garden continues for me!  SO aggravating!  I cannot get rid of these damn tomato worms!  Now they are on my jalapenos and squash too!  Any suggestions???

On the agenda for the weekend-
*baking something fabulous

Sounds relaxing doesn't it?  Let's hope I get to do them all after the monstrostic (is that a word) mounds of dishes, laundry and chores I have to do!

Sooo friends what will you do this weekend?  


Jenerally Speaking said...

Jealous!! My week last week looked like this - cleaning, changing wet panties (potty training), cleaning, more wet panties, cleaning up that mess, packing, wet panties .. uhhh!! We were all finished with potty training and now we're regressing. Hope you enjoyed it all for me ;)

Hungrigyrl said...

Ooh tomato worms, I can't stand those things. Hope your garden is dong better. I hope to spend some time poolside this weekend, its pretty hot here!