January 16, 2012

Totally In Love....

I am really loving these right now so I wanted to share the love with you all! 

First I must say my mom busted these out a couple Christmas's ago and I was unsure but this past Thanksgiving while we were visiting she brought em out again and before I knew it I had devoured half the bowl!!  Now that my husband knows my deep love for these tasty morsels he used them as a garnish for our Bloody Mary's this weekend!

With a catchy name and fabulous taste Wickles are a must try!
Kinda like bread and butter pickles with a serious kick!  Not too sweet and not to mouth burnin either.
When I found them online today I saw that they carry even more fun products too!  YUM
Wellllll  go get some and try!


Casey Martinez said...

Interesting:) Never have heard of them but, I sure enjoy the name! lol. Sounds yum.

Ross said...

They sound really good. Where can you buy them?

Ember said...

You can find them at most grocery stores

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. Never heard of them before though.