February 26, 2012

A love affair... well sort of...

Has there ever been a time where you look at something your using and say "I LOVE YOU"?  Of course for me there is!  There are so many LOVE's out there so I wanted to share a few of mine with you!

First of all, everything I have ever tried from Origins ROCKS, that being said my 2 faves are "Ginzing" for your eyes and Vitazing moisturizer for your face.  Ginzing helps my tired Monday morning eyes look alive again not to mention the fabulous smell!  And Vitazing has this delightful hint of tint to it to wake up my pasty white skin!  Head over to Origins.com to fall in LOVE!

Next up...

The new VONS "just for U" program.
Von's/Safeway has just started this new program and they are even offering a FREE dozen eggs just for signing up!  I'm a couponer and I have to admit sometimes I don't want to spend 2 hours prepping, clipping and organizing to go to the grocery store!  With the launch of this new program all you have to do is go online to your just for U page and add coupons and specials right to your card.  Then you can print your sorted list and off to the store you go!  Its almost as much savings as clipping and organizing those paper coupons too!  Today I did both and got some great deals AND they've even added a new gas rewards program!  SCORE!  Go check it out!


I know there are hundreds of warmers and scents out there and I love lots of different kinds BUT right now this is one of my faves!  The SPA scent by ScentSationals is FABULOUS!!  I keep thinking "what smells so good" as I'm walking around the house!  Oh ya its those new scent cubes I tossed in the warmer!!  You can find these little wax cubes at scentsationals.com or right around $2 bucks each pack by the candle stuff at WalMart.

Last but certainly not least...

Pinterest, if your there I'm sure I don't even need to say another word.  Come check mine out!
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Well, I hope you all enjoyed my LOVE's.  What do YOU love??

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