February 19, 2012

Where DO those plastic bags go?? And other recycling stuff...

I like to call myself a "recycler".  I wasn't as proactive years ago as I am now.  I love the saying "reduce, reuse, recycle" too.  Whomever came up with that slogan prolly has some bucks now!  I've seen alot of articles about plastic bags and other "green" issues lately that struck my attention.

Recycling really is quick and easy. Just set up a paper bag, or plastic if you must, next to your regular trash and give it a shot. 
Some county's (around here anyway) have created an ordinance banning single use plastic carry bags.  And a charge of .10cents per paper bag instead.  I'm sure to encourage you to bring your own re useable bags.  I'm in agreeance with this for the most part but like most "new" things its iffy.  However, in D.C. the plastic bag tax seemed to do more good than anticipated.  You can read more about this ordinance here  http://dpw.lacounty.gov/epd/aboutthebag/

Also check out this video shared by Earth911.com about where all those bags we DO recycle end up.  I'm really hoping all those plastic bags I've recycled really made it here or to a place just like it.(I like to think of it as plastic bag heaven) 

There are SO many plastic bags that wash up into bay's, coastlines and rivers.
Here's another great article by that I saw shared by Daily Mail from the UK via SeaShepherd.org that tells us the impact that our plastic is having on these beautiful creatures.

Now I'm not an EXTREME activist that will picket in front of the grocery store or belittle anyone for doing so.  I just want us all to understand that what we do everyday impacts us ALL especially our children and those after.  If we can teach them a simple act like recycling, it CAN make a difference.

Here are some FABULOUS websites to keep up with recycling and other "good to know" green info.
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Ania said...

Hi Ember! We try to recycle but in my opinion our city doesn't make it easy. They say they collect paper but the rules are so strict that it looks like they are only happy to pick up newspaper (if it's placed in a proper bag!). We were supposed to be getting a green bin for recycled materials but no one knows when..I have been piling papers, plastic. cans and I's been bugging me that at the end I just place it in a regular bin...Ania from http://www.frugalburqueno.com/

April said...

New follower from the MBC! Love the blog ;)