March 3, 2012

Middle School, a BIG difference...

The days of involvement throughout Elementary, PTA, field trips, chatting with other parents and staff....  GONE...  Well sort of, I'm still involved since my 8 year old is still mid Elementary.  My 11 year old, who SHOULD be in Elementary but we have 6-8th grade middle schools here, is a middle schooler!  It may be different wherever in the world you are, however, where I'm at I am struggling with this!!!!!!  In the beginning I've always said I'm going to stay involved despite the change, but it isn't easy.  And I know my baby is growing up but perhaps too fast? 
Our low budget school district (don't get me started) cries out for parent involvement but then segregates us by grouping all activities around the Hispanic population.  For example I was turned away from a parent workshop because they didn't have a "Spanish to English" translator!  HUH???  WTH??  Last time I checked there are other cultural folks here!  Where are their translators?? 

WARNING: I'm going to be having many "squirrel" moments here losing focus and going off on a tangent.

ANYWAYS, my point is, this particular middle school staff, most all of them, are unwelcoming and pushing kids through like a cattle call.  Basically these kids are dollar signs not humans. 
SHOW UP FOR SCHOOL AND GET GOOD TEST SCORES WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THE REST.  They should have a sign in the front of the school that says "Parents not Welcome just drop your kids off and go".  Am I the only one here?  Am I overreacting? 

I can't tell you how many "mini-strokes" I've had from what my son asks me weekly about what he's heard other kids saying and doing.  Is this normal??  What the heck happened to my innocent minded Elementary child???  Am I trippin here and is this how it's supposed to be?

I need to take up meditating or something STAT...

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ElizaDye said...

I definitly feel for you. Ben was fortunate to continue 6th grade thru elementary. I'm stressing about middle school already. He seemed to like the middle school that he will be going to, but I still have my concerns. BTW- I just heard on the news that SB County will be having more teacher layoffs bcuz they are in the red by 20 million dollars. How about online school? That's still a decision up in the air for me.