May 26, 2012

This is TOO cool!

OK so since I've gotten this fabulous iPhone we've had a great relationship!  I've had alot of phones and this one by far is my fave!  I'm super addicted too!  Well enough with that I wanted to share this fun app called shopkick!!  Yet another app addiction, you can collect "kicks" for just walking into a store and redeem your kicks for gift cards to lots of places!!  Its easy and fun!  I like to hand it off to the kids to scan items for points while we shop(keeps them outta my hair and I don't have to referee) Check it out!

Found a fun shopping app called shopkick! It gives you rewards and insider deals at Target, Best Buy, & many other stores. Try it, I think I'm addicted! It even had a Target coupon I used from my phone at checkout! LOVEEE PLUS, I left you 50 kicks on shopkick - use them for rewards or donate to causes.
P.S. Here's where to get it:

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