June 25, 2010

FREEBIE Friday!! Happy Trails.....

Vacation is drawing near and I'm about ready to jump out of my skin to go already!! My sister in law and I are taking our kids on a 7 hour road trip to Sedona, Arizona! Brave, I know, but this will be our second time roadtripping with our kids together so it should be a great experience. Road trips have been a LOVE of mine since driving by the Grand Canyon as a little girl! There is so much out there in this country to see! I'm happy to share these traditions with my kids and family!

Little known fact about me is that I have been to half of the 50 states(driven through alot too), Mexico and Canada! A bucket list item for me is to make it to all 50 and explore more of the islands off the coast of Florida and back up to Canada, its a BEAUTIFUL place to see! I've had sooooo many wonderful experiences in my life and I love to share them with my loved ones!

My Grandma will be 89 years old tomorrow who also shares a birthday with my Beautiful Mother!!! Happy Birthday to you both!!

Love you Grandma!

Everyone should take time out in life to experience the great things that await us all! Have a great Friday! Enjoy a couple freebies too!

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Natalia Simmons said...

I love to travel as well. My husband is from the Bahamas, so if you ever make it down there, let me know! I have also driven across a bunch of states. I think it is such a great experience and a wonderful family bonding time! Enjoy it!

Ember said...

Natalia, I would LOVE to go to the Bahamas! You see so much more when you drive through the states! =)