July 12, 2010

"Crunch Woofs" Dog Treats Review and Shout Out

Recently I discovered Crunch Woofs dog treats!! They were kind enough to send my Golden Retriever "Marlee" some of her own to try and here's our fun review of their treats!! You know I LOVE pictures so I had to capture every moment here!

Here's some Woofs info:

Please visit their site at www.crunchwoofs.com

Crunch Woofs are a microwave dog treat. They are low fat, made from US farm raised pork and easy for your dog to digest. Also ALL NATURAL and no meat by-products.

They come in a 3.5 oz. bag like this one.

Then we followed the directions....

First, they start out as little jerky type pieces....

Then they PUFF up to these super cool airy doggie delights!!

Time to wake my unsuspecting Marlee for a treat...

I have to say that most treats Marlee gets she will eat right where you give them to her, however when there is one she is fond of, or she thinks is a treasure she will pace the house until we let her out into her yard to chill and enjoy her tasty treasure....
Well she paced to go outside and enjoy her Crunch Woof!!

Umm Helllloooo can I have another????

I think she approves!!

So stop over at Crunch Woofs site to learn more about these super cool dog treats!! Also head over and give them a "Like" on their Facebook Fan page.

Gross Fact; usually when I give Marlee different kinds of dog treats she gets a little bout of diarreah. I monitored the haps in the yard following this review and there was NO change in the poop factor! YAY!

Thanks so much to Crunch Woofs for sharing their doggie treats with us and I recommend these for your doggies too! A++

Marlee says WOOF!!!

PS This review is MY true & honest opinion.