July 9, 2010

Freebie Friday: TGIF and some frustration ramblings....

TGIF!! What a week! So many emotions! Some of you know last year I got laid off, then a month later my husband got laid off. Rough luck! BUT we are a family of faith so we stayed strong and my husband got a job quickly. I looked and applied right away with no answers being that I have a resume that has a rainbow of different jobs on it. So I decided to dive into the kids school and get to know what goes on there, many teachers suggested I try and get in with the district and find work within the schools(not too many jobs there) however I am still trying. This week I have aggressively looked for work, applying for just about everything! I am saddened by what I have seen. I know its been going on forever and everyone is suffering but now we have added cuts here and there, an enormous oil spill and ugliness all over the place. I think I've cried, screamed, cursed, kicked, laughed, with a few tantrums in between. THIS SH** SUCKS! Being that my blog is a place for me to let it go, here you go! TEEHEE It feels wierd to share with the world this stuff which is so personal to me but on the other hand it feels good to just let it go too. My motto is "If you can own it, blog it" so I guess I'm owning this sh** now!

Alot of freebies today so when you get your fill take some gas-x and put a bandaid on and after your potty trained, well you know what to do with the rest... =) Have a great weekend!! Oh and thanks for putting up with my crazy ramblings... I LOVE my readers!

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