July 20, 2010

Scared? Really? How old am I??

UGH its been a frustrating 10 days dealing with this mouth pain! Feels like I got kicked in the jaw! I mean really how long can one survive on motrin??

About a year ago I was having these same issues and after SEARCHING and asking around I found a dentist near me. After going in for a consultation I felt pretty comfortable. ----> I have a super duper fear of the dentist and have for a long time now! Probably because I have had a LONG LINE of crazy, strange, out of the ordinary dentists in my mouth in my life!! I mean aren't you supposed to be happy because they are hookin up your mouth to look and feel pretty? <---- Anyhow, after having the ENTIRE office chill all up in my grill for 3 weeks and an empty bank account I had a new found happiness with no mouth pain and felt like a princess with all my crowns, root canal, etc. Come to find out this office charged me and my ins. for lots of "stuff" that I never had AND my husband when he went in for his work too. Not only that but the SAME tooth I had a root canal in is the one that hurts today!! Oh did I mention they charged me for whitening and all kinds of crazy but I don't recall doing any of that AND the dentist started to get creepy toward the end of my services too!! UGH, you wonder why I'm apprehensive??

I never had a cavity until 17 but its been down hill from there.... Probably from my lack of dental visits. I know I'm not the only one "scared" to go to the dentist. I know a few others! Glad I'm not alone but WHY on earth should I have to be afraid? Now I am a SPAZ about my kids teeth so I was sure to find the GREATEST dentists for them and did! Finally I broke down and asked them for a referral since I am in love with what they have done for my kids! UMM hello, why didn't I do that in the first place?

Soooo I am hoping this will be a better experience than the last bunch of crazies! Did I mention I am scared of Dr's too! (Don't get me started) How do you feel about health professional's? Apprehensive? Scared? Or are you a brave soldier that PLOW's right into the office and get's down to business, like my fearless hubby? I sure wish I could be that way!


Free2bMommy said...

I dont think we ever grow out of being afraid of the dentist!! Maybe you can get some real pain killers now! haha!!

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Ember said...

I NEED pain killers right now! haha!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY I'm so excited! I emailed ya!