September 7, 2010

Things I'm diggin on....

Since I have some time on my hands today(not really but ok) I thought I'd list some of the things I've been diggin lately.  I'm all about lists, I have like 25 "to do" type lists all over my desk and house!  I hope you all will comment and let me know what YOUR loving these days!  I love learning and trying new things!

*First of all I'm loving that I passed 100 followers here!!  Humbling...  OK who am I kidding I wanna jump up and down like a crazy women.  At first I didn't think 10 people would read or like my blog let alone over 100!!  THANK YOU!!  I *heart* you!

*One of my new fast food LOVES is Animal Fries from In-N-Out Burger! (ya I know)  Fresh cut fries, 2 slices of melted american, grilled onions and that tasty spread that makes all the difference!  Dollup of ketchup and HEAVEN!  I've been going to this place since I was a kid and NEVER tried them!  Thanks to Kristi Maristi I have a new addiction!  ♥ Thanks

*Another addiction I have is this SILLY little handheld solitaire game I found in the depths of my eldest son's room while cleaning.  I mean really?  I spend FOREVER on it trying to win!  "Not now honey, mommy's trying to win this game"!!  HAHAHA

*While being unemployed for what seems like forever, I have challenged myself to stay busy so I won't fall in to that "pity me" status again.  One of the things I REALLY enjoy doing is cooking.  This has allowed me time to do just that!  I have also now learned to always have the camera ready so I can blog it too!  My kids and hubs always say "are you blogging about this" now when I bust out the ingredients for my next recipe.  Kinda funny tho!

*To go along with the above like, I have been diggin on Mommy Hates Cooking blog lately, so many yummy looking recipes and all that I've made from there have been delish! 

*Katy Perry's songs pop on XM radio everytime I hop in the car to go anywhere!  I never like the "I kissed a girl" song from her but I'm totally jammin to the new stuff!

*Not that I'm liking doing this but I do get a tiny thrill from spotting and tossing those PESKY a$$ tomato horn worms that are kickin it in my tomato plants.  You should hear me cussing up a storm as I'm on the hunt!  THAT's MY SALSA your messin with dammit!  Now they have tried to move on to my pepper plants too!(Don't worry I'll take pics)  Sunday I was out there for about an hour hunting!  One of them which was about the size of my pinky finger scared the CRAP outta me when my eye landed on it, I quickly chopped the branch and tossed it in the garbage!

*For my last thing I'm diggin on, this cooler weather!  I love fall!  Not to worry I'm sure it'll get back to the triple digits next week and even my outdoor thermometer will be bangin on the door to come in!  =)

Happy Tuesday!!


Mommy Hates Cooking said...

I could totally use some In-and-Out burger...if only we had one!

Life with the Lebedas said...

I left you an award on my blog

Mommy Hates Cooking said...

I left you an award too...on my site,

Ember said...

Aww thanks girls!! =)

Anonymous said...

I'm totally digging this cooler weather too. The other thing I'm digging is that my twin toddlers are finely learning how to keep themselves busy without whining all day :) Enjoying your blog.

Ember said...

Thanks Kerry! Twin toddlers? WOW! =)