January 21, 2011

Freebie Friday: Mommy Madness Hop

HELLLOOOOOOO Friday!!!  I'm so glad the weekend is HERE!!  This week along with some freebie's I'm joining the Mommy Madness Friday Blog Hop!  Its a fun Friday hop that has a different theme each week!  This week's theme is "Mommy Time: how do you escape the madness?"  If you'd like to join the hop or just read around click the button below!  Thanks ladies for this hop, its one of my faves!  =)

How do I escape the madness??  My bedroom is my sanctuary, a great escape, I like to hide in there and watch my favorite shows or read, make to do lists, etc.  Another thing I like to do is go shopping ALONE, not always to buy stuff sometimes just to walk down every nook and cranny of the store.  Loving the fact that I can enjoy it without kids fighting or hubby huffin and puffin to leave.  That is therapy in itself!
This weekend I hope the Packer's KICK BUTT in Chicago!  LOVE Chicago but my heart's in Green Bay!

Go Pack Go!

Here are this week's freebies!  Have a GREAT weekend!
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Ashley said...

I love mommy madness! Shopping alone is heaven! I do that too, just wander target!

Kelli said...

I am following you from todays Mommy Madness blog hop! I can totally relate to escaping to your room, unfortunately I have a 3 year old who also seems to find me!

Kelli @ loveoursimplelife.blogspot.com

Vic said...

i need to shop alone! i hate going out by myself here though...it's diff. when you are used to your hometown...although i've been gone for 4 yrs...i still feel homesick sometimes! have a nice weekend doll! i love the bedroom too!:)

Life with the Lebedas said...

Thats great girl! I would love to hide in my room but my toddlers would be beating down my door, lol. I think it would be great to shop more often by myself. My hubby is out of town and i have to do a full fledge shopping grocery & other at walmart by myself tomorrow. Not excited. :(

Hope you enjoy your packers game!