February 15, 2011

Freebie Tuesday: Gloomy but not gloomy

It's a gloomy Tuesday in Southern California, we are supposed to get some rain for a couple days.  Makes for terrible driving too, I mean people on CA freeways already FREAK out when it comes to merging and they all slam on their brakes, nobody wants to let anyone in, hence the reason for the major congestion everywhere.  Oh and the unnecessary construction too.  Don't get me going.  But speaking of driving and construction, while driving home from the kids' dentist (some people give their kids candy for Valentine's, I take mine to the dentist! HA) I see this guy in a construction truck behind me in this BRIGHT orange shirt, kinda swervin and lookin like a spaz.  Turns out he had a Valentine balloon in his passenger seat that kept pelting him in the face while he was driving.  I giggled - alot - then thought "hey buddy why don't you roll up your window and that balloon might settle down?"  Just sayin...  teehee.... 

I'm in a good mood today, not letting the gloom get to me!  So I wanted to share some FREEBIES too!  Enjoy your day!  PS I have a Country Bob's giveaway coming soon!!

* Free Universal screen cleaner sample
* Free Taco at Taco bell (still available)
* Maybelline FitMe makeup sample
* Jergens Overnight Repair Sample
* Origins Plantscription available again hurry
* Yoplait Yogurt free cup still available!


Jenny said...

I'm a new follower from the Mom Blogs...come visit and return the favor.

Ember said...

Thanks Jenny! Nice to meet ya!

Ashley said...

Ha that balloon story gave me a giggle too. Isn't it crazy how bad everyone freaks out here when it rains? Nuts! Hope you are having a good week! xo p.s. That comment above is so annoying, come return the favor? Yuck!