March 1, 2011

Carrot Cake Cookies

~ WARNING you may eat more than 2... or 3.....  uhhhhhh nevermind.......

Thanks to Kristy over at Mommy Hates Cooking for inspiring me to FINALLY make cookies with cake mix(she has a healthier version of cake mix cookies too)!  I had some carrot cake mix so that was my cookie of choice.  Apparently I am the last one to make these kind of cookies using cake mix.  I was SO excited to make them and take them to the school for people to try, turns out they have ALL made them before!   HA, so my excitement fizzled.  Next time I'm going to try the red velvet mix!

Carrot Cake Cookies
1 box carrot cake mix (or whatever your favorite is)
1 stick of butter (melted)
1 egg (you can use and additional egg white if you want a less dense cookie)
1tsp. Vanilla
1 tub cream cheese frosting

Preheat oven to 350
add all ingredients except frosting in bowl and mix
I used my mini scooper just to be cool
no need to grease the sheet because we used butter
bake 12-15 min or until slightly cracked on top
I cut the tip of a baggie to frost the cookies
Uhhhh HELLO I had to take a bite right away!

These were so moist and chewy!  I will be making them again!

P.S. Want to check out some cool recipes?  Check out For the Love Of Blogs, Tasty Tuesday!


Jansen Family said...

The mini-scoop is so cool! I am planning this for this afternoon! I LOVE cookies, love carrot cake, have all the ingredients, and am out of things to nibble! They look delicious.


Christina Lucas said...

OMG!!! That looks so awesome, and I love how easy it is! Thanks for posting this!

Katherines Corner said...

oh yum! I think got a little drool on my keyboard. Hugs!

Kathy said...

I've heard of using cake mix but have never seen it. Thank you! I have a pumpkin bread mix I just may try this with! Thanks!


Kristi said...

Carrot cake is my 3 year old's FAVE! I'm going to try these out with her. I'll let you know what she thinks! They look so yummy! ^_^

Sleppery said...

These look good. I'm going to test this one out for sure. Omnomnomnomnom....oh yeah

Ember said...

I PROMISE y'all will love them! xoxo

Glynis said...

These look so good and easy to make. Carrot cake is one of my favorites.

Kristina Ruth said...

Wow! Those look so good. Now I will have to try them with any boxed cake.

Christina said...

Found you in the BlogFrog widget at Bloggy Moms...This sounds delicious! I've got to get a cake mix and try it!

Life with the Lebedas said...

OOh, never thought to do that .. that would make it better than eating an entire piece but will it help me only eat one? lol thanks for sharing the recipe!