April 5, 2011

Wishing, hoping, dreaming....

I'm very thankful for what I have, healthy family, job, roof, food....  I still have a wishlist though.  Here are a couple things I am putting out there in the wide wide world so that I may own them and hold myself to getting them.  Or maybe they will just magically appear on my doorstep??

1. a new camera, I went from having 3 to now having a busted POS that I have to squeeze shut to take a pic.  Super ghetto.  Here is my dream camera!

2. Nerdy I know but I want and over the range micro.  Never had one and I need more counter space.  Not to mention the microwave we have is 11 years old!  ICK
3.  A beach cruiser, if you live in CA I think its a necessity??

Tell me something on your wish list!


Casey Martinez said...

I hope one day at some time you are able to start checking things off your dream list!! I saved for a long time and finally got my upgraded camera and I love it!! So worth the wait!! I love those bikes!! And yes, in CA and for teh beach, very useful!! ;0

Jenerally Speaking (aka Life with the Lebedas) said...

Ooh I lurve the camera!! I want one too. :) So add a 2 beside your camera, please. :)

A beach cruiser? lol seriously? Thats hilarious!!

Ember said...

I'm saving for that camera! =)

Anonymous said...

I really want this groovy Harry Potter Leaky Cauldron sign, and a pair of amethyst stud earring and a groovy purple dress to go with it. As well as a little wolf pendant like from New Moon. =)