May 28, 2011

A big dork, but what can I say I'm lovin....

Ya I know I'm probably going to be know as a huge dork for admitting I like some of these but here's what I'm lovin right now!!

My kids like to watch Big Time Rush and I heard it as I was walking through the house and it just sticks with me!  Catchy tune and well it has to be cool if Snoop is in it!  HA

One of the few novelty gums that doesn't turn into a rock while chewing!

This stuff rocks!  Especially with a little malibu and a twist of lemon!  I'm addicted!

I have been enjoying a handful of this EVERYDAY when I get the middle of the workday blah's!  SOOO good.  Hard to find though!  Check out all the yummy flavors on their site!  Does anyone know where else to get this besides Costco?

That's all for today!  Tomorrow is my youngest's birthday!  The big 8!
Hope you all are taking full advantage of the family and friend time over some good BBQ!


Anonymous said...

It seems that the Bubble gum tape never goes out style. Amazing that it's still around. Love the pics of the family. Visiting from MBC. You're more than welcome to come on by my blog and be part of the Spanish journey.
Many blessings,

Frugal in WV said...

Love the sparkling juice, just bought some this week with coupons, its yummy! Newest follower from MBC, have a great rest of your weekend! You can find me at

kyna said...

Following you from MBC. Please check out my blog and follow back! Thanks so much!

Alexia said...

I love bubble tape! YUM.

Hungrigyrl said...

We are always at Costo, I'll have to check out nutorious nuts! I love sparkling cranbery and cider, it is quite addicting - I'll have to try it with malibu :)