May 12, 2011

Extreme Couponing or Hoarding???

I love to watch Extreme Couponing on TLC!  I've been seen alot of different feedback around the social networking scene.  What's your take?

The show actually inspires me to clip my coupons and save more. There are so many ways to save aside from this show too. I love seeing all the updates on my Facebook wall from all those coupon and freebie bloggers about whats out this week and where to stack your coupons(LOVE YOU GUYS). 

OK back to my thoughts on this show.  I do think its AWESOME that they work at couponing to get thousands of items for free.  I just have a few questions.  I know its called EXTREME couponing but why do they always get 100 or 200 or even 400 of something?  To stockpile in their house?  Some of it takes up half the house!  Could this be considered "hoarding"?  I understand its a rush to save loads of cash and I'm not badmouthing any extreme couponers out there, just giving my opinion.  I wish I had time to go extreme sometimes!  Also NONE of the stores around here would allow me to go over 3 coupons for the same item, how do they do that for hundreds?  And my local store only doubles up to the dollar.  Bummer.  I think even since this show came out our store has changed its coupon policy.  SO how do they do that on the show????????  Will it cause prices to go up???  I need to know!

I love freebies, I do stack my coupons for a few freebies every couple weeks at Target.  They have great coupons on their site and allow you to use the maufacturer coupon PLUS the Target coupon! (the reason they are one of my favorite stores!)  And I've gotten a ton of freebies from my favorite Products Facebook pages too.

So what are your thoughts on this and do you think its hoarding??


Diane said...

I don't have the patience or organizational skills to do much of any kind of couponing.

I recently read on someone's blog (and I wish I could remember who it was)that they thought extreme couponing was basically just "organized hoarding". After seeing that show a couple of times, I had to agree!

kimberly rae said...

i <3 both shows. although i can't eat food and watch hoarders at the same time. ive only seen extreme couponing once but the woman who was on it said she lets her daughter-in-law "shop" in her garage and she donates a lot of the stuff to homeless shelters! it is amazing how much stuff they get! my sister is in to couponing but her goal is just to get one free roll of paper towels! lol! i told her i think she can do it!!