June 26, 2011

I'm about to.....

Now that I've gotten that out!

I am in desperate need of a VACATION!  My first clue was that I can't even stand to have anyone in my personal space,  almost like a need a bubble so nobody can cross!
Chaos!  I feel chaos around me!  I need calm and serene!
My eye has been twitching for about 2 weeks now too!  What up with that???
UGHH its doing it now too.
I used to be so good at balancing everything.
I need to find that zen.....
Maybe I need to make a list of things I can control?  If I start there maybe it will all fall into place? 
 My baby girl is coming in a couple of weeks and then I will whisk all the kiddies away for a Sedona relaxation vacation!  I need positive!  Happy Sunday!

This is where we will be relaxing in a couple of weeks!

Tell me your favorite ways to relax??



L.A. Sherman -- Author said...

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Jennifer said...

sounds like depression. I am in the same funk. I dont want to talk to anyone or even look at them. I would rather be alone. Vactation sounds llike a great idea. I love sitting by the pool with an iced tea, my fave magazine, and my ipod

Hungrigyrl said...

Yeah! I bet you are SO looking forward to your vacay. Have fun!

Ember said...

I'm counting the days!! =)