November 20, 2012

A little obsessed!!

Recently I've been doing alot of research on non toxic and more natural cleaning methods.  I've seen alot of uses with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.  A couple weeks ago I tried it on my kitchen floor, which is 15 year old linoleum that's been through alot of kids, and my kitchen baseboards.  I used it in my Hoover floormate instead of bleach and floor cleaner like I normally do.  I added 3 tablespoons of each with hot water and went to town.  I have never seen my floor so clean and shiny, it didn't have the sticky residue previous cleaners have left afterwards.  Last weekend I used just the peroxide and hot water mix on my bathroom floor and faucet.  WOW!  Now I'm obsessed, not only does it clean and kill bacteria but its CHEAP!  I bought two GIANT bottles at Sam's for $2.25 and barely made a dent in the first one. 
Today I decided to clean my fridge with it!  I can't believe I'm so excited about using this.  I'm a dork but hey now a clean dork.  Here are some pics of my fridge after cleaning!  Next is the microwave and kitchen countertops.  =)

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Lisa Brown said...

Love this post! I'm on the non-toxic bandwagon too, and it's just amazing to me how ordinary products can clean just as good... if not better - than toxic ones!

Ember said...

So true!