April 22, 2010


What will YOU be doing for Earth day today?? Make it a good one!

I'm hoping to be able to get out of the house for a few minutes today. Kids have been quarantined from their school by the DR because they have SCARLET FEVER! Its made its way to my husband and myself too! Been hiding under the covers! I mean REALLY Moms aren't supposed to get sick right?? ha! And a sick husband! I KNOW I don't even have to go into detail about that, I'm sure all the wives out there already know!!

As for Earth week, I will still be taking some pics and between grabbing kleenex's and caring for sickies I'm hoping to post more about our family taking part in it this week. There's still 3 more days in the week right? =)

On a side note from my previous post about Earth week, its been a WONDERFUL sight to see some of the colorful birds making their way to the feeder!


Anonymous said...

hi from the mbc!

happy earth day to you too!

One Love Mama said...

Happy Earth Day!! Thanks for stopping by onelovemama, I'm now following your beautiful blog!

wacki04 said...

Happy Earth Day to you too!!! I'm a new follower from MBC! Would love for you to follow back:


Jennifer said...

Loving the new look!

Ember said...

Thanks everyone for reading! It makes me smile! =D

Thanks Jennifer! The old layout was feeling a little "80's"! heehee

Groovy Baby Blog said...

Happy Earth Day to you ,I love your blog and now I'm following.