June 18, 2010

FREEBIE Friday!! Hello weekend!!

HAPPY Friday!! So glad its another week closer to our road trip to Arizona! Its a vaca MUCH needed!! For those of you basketball fans out there I'm sure you are aware the Lakers won. I'm happy for them, I am NOT happy with how some of their fans reacted. Shouldn't you be happy and celebrating?? Not beating people that are fans of the other team to a pulp and leaving them in the street only to be trampled on by other Laker fans??? What is wrong with this picture?? I remember watching a guy after last year's win throw a brick through a bus window? UMMMM really is that how you celebrate! I ended up having to turn the news off because I couldn't stand to watch anymore!! Sad! I could go on for pages about this! UGH.

On a lighter note to all you Dad's out there have a great weekend!! Grill something yummm!! Happy Father's Day! Enjoy your freebies!

Free Sample of Bodycology
Goodnites Children's Nightime Underwear
Dove Damage Therapy Hair Care


Maryanne said...

Great blog and I have to let your readers know that the Dove Therapy hair products are Amazing! Especially if you have really damaged hair, it will completely change how your hair looks and feels. Be sure to grab that one!

Have a great vacation and I'm following you now. :)

Ember said...

Thanks for the follow Maryanne! I can't wait for my samples!