August 21, 2010

Freebie Saturday: YA I know....

OK, ok I know its Saturday and I'm a day late!  Remember that post last week about getting sucked into the school vortex??  Well it happened again!!  So here I am on a Saturday posting a Freebie Friday!  YA I know! 

Yes, busy week, didn't exercise at all and I feel like a blob of, well, you know.  I REFUSE to fall off the exercise train!  Today right?  There were a couple highlights though!  First, was I envisioned a recipe for Taco Burgers and they turned out AWESOME!  Don't worry I'll post the recipe later!  I love thinking about making something on my own after trying a version somewhere and they turn out good!  The other awesomeness was that I got my Soda Stream machine that I won from a giveaway on Free2bMommy's blog!  I can't wait to try it out!  Ya I KNOW, I wouldn't have to exercise so much if I didn't love food & soda!

I'm so happy to see all the new peeps here!  I enjoyed surfin around to all the new blogs, remember to leave me a comment if you would like your blog button added to the Button Love page!  Have a SUPER weekend and enjoy some freebies!

Nectavida Super Supplement
Playtex Sport
Good Nights kids unders


Ashley E. said...

Following from bloggy moms!

Ember said...

Glad you visited Ashley! I love your blogs!! =)