August 12, 2010

Party Pasta Salad

I told you eventually I would throw some recipes up here for you to try! I got this one from a good friend, she makes some GREAT salads! You can tweak it and add whatever extras you like, these are just some of my family's faves. In these pictures I doubled the recipe because it was for a birthday bbq.

Pasta Party salad
1 package tri-color pasta
1 can pitted black olives
1/2 brick of cheese (cojack or mozzarella) cubed
1 cucumber
1 broccoli floret
1/2 container McCormick salad supreme seasoning
1/2 bottle Zesty Italian dressing
You can also add tomato, green olives, red onion, etc. I've tried it all ways and its delish! Enjoy!


Coco said...

Hey Em. I make another variation of this salad. I use the same pasta but I add Kielbasa sausage, broccoli, chedar cheese, red onion and the italian dressing. It's delish. I'll have to try your way.

Ember said...

That sounds YUM! Someone else mentioned adding sun dried tomatoes too! I'll have to make it with all of the above! =)

Laura Jane said...

That looks so good! My husband loves pasta salads like this- we'll definitely have to try it!

Anonymous said...

This looks super yummy and easy! I'm adding it to my recipe box :) I'm a new follower from bloggy moms!

Lisa Madden Bass said...

Hey, Ember!
I found you through Bloggy Moms, and wanted to let you know, I cannot wait to try the pasta salad recipe!
I'm not following you and am looking forward to more great blogs from you!
Come by and follow me at:


Ember said...

Thanks for the stopping by ladies, I can't wait to check out your blogs!

Laura, my husband is always in the kitchen when I'm making this! HOVERING! LOL Hope your's likes it! =)

Sue said...

Yum. O. Sure beats the heck out of the boxed pasta salad mix that I usually throw at my family. Thanks a heap! :)

Your Newest Bloggymoms Follower,


Ember said...

Thanks Sue! I'll head over and check out your blog! =)

I used to use the box stuff but it takes about the same time to make it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ember,

Great recipe & lovely site you have here. Thanks for following me; I'm returning the favor.

Please come back to visit/read/comment. I'll do the same.


The Moxie Bee

Grace said...

I'm looking forward to trying this recipe. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut so it always helps to find a new recipe to try and one that doesn't require the oven in the summer time!!!
Thanks for posting it!

Ember said...

More recipes coming soon!! =)