August 2, 2010

Ready or not?

Not sure that I'm ready to face the day first of all! I mean its only 10amPST but there's an intimidating amount of stuff to do before school starts! I have 7 days left! I don't wanna! Usually I'm beyond ready to send the kids packing but this year we have had such a fun, lazy and relaxing summer... I think we have all loved it!

Random fact: I know most of you DON'T wanna hear this BUT did you know there are only 145 days til Christmas! Another year is FLYING BY!!

Have you done everything you wanted to this summer? What's left on your summer "to do" list? For us, we are heading to the beach Wednesday and plan on filling the weekend with alot of swimming.

Guess I better bust out that "to do" list for today and down another cuppa caffeine so I can get some work done! Happy Monday!


Free2bMommy said...

EMBER!! You are my SodaStream Winner!!! I am guessing I use the same address as before? Did you get your pants?

Ember said...

YAY!! Yes same address, I didn't get my pants yet tho?! =(