September 20, 2010

Follower LOVE!!

I am just tickled(yes I said tickled) to see all the new followers!  Seems like yesterday I was at 27 followers and I was bummed that nobody liked me or wanted to read!  K I'm so over that now and SUPER happy that you all are here!  I would love for you all to add your blogs to the Button Love Link up top there so we can all visit you!  I'm trying to think of something other to call it than a "blog roll".  Any suggestions??

Here are a couple blogs for you to check out this week if you get a minute!  I'm crushin on them lately so I hope you will stop by.


♥  Happy Monday!!  ♥


Cheryl said...

Thanks for stoppin by Showcase Sisters Ember! just voted for ya on Top Mommy Blogs! : )

Vic said...

Well I certainly Love Ya:) Thanks-You didn't have to do this! Your awesome! Muahh xoxo

Closer to Lucy said...

Bloggie love is the best!

Answering your follow me plea from the Product Review Place. Following you and Liked ya on FB.

come see me!

Reeni said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment and your support! You have an infectious energy that I love and you made me very happy today!

Ember said...

Good to hear Reeni!! Your blog rocks!!

Vic, you totally deserve it!

Thanks again to all my awesome readers & followers!! I ♥ u!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Just dropping by to give you this blogging award!

You can pick it up here:

Best wishes, good Karma & Godbless---ELMDyck <3