September 21, 2010

Stick it D-BAG!!

So I'm just minding my own mommy driver business in the bank parking lot (goin about 7mph) and some DOUCHEBAG darts out of the parked cars to my right (bank on my left) not even LOOKING at me, of course I had to slam on my brakes!!  I honked my horn and threw my hands up (no bird yet) just sayin hey d-bag watch where your going you almost ended up on the hood of my car!  This guy then screams at me "cars HAVE to stop for me!"  (my window was down I clearly heard him) ~K ummmmmmmmmmmm not sure if y'all know this but FFR (for future reference) DON'T flip the bitch switch, ESPECIALLY to a mommy in the middle of a hectic day!!  SO I flipped him off because I didn't really want to cuss him out with my 7 year old in the back seat.  He then precedes to turn around and walk toward my car cussin up a storm, so I said "Nice dude, my kid is in the back seat listening to you go crazy", then he tells me "well you were flippin me off in front of your kid" REALLY DUDE, REALLY???  So in order to refrain from opening my car door and knocking him down, I decided to say "YOU'RE AN IDIOT" and drive off.  This guy was clearly trying to put the blame on me for his stupidity!  What was he gonna do beat me up??  Really??

Needless to say for safety of my kid I waited on the OTHER side of the parking lot out of sight for him to leave before going in about my business.  Like I thought he would, he got in his car and sped around the parking lot exit, with I'm guessing it was his girlfriend, in his car.

UGH!!  I had to get that out!  I'm a MAGNET for idiots!  haha  OH and my son wasn't even paying attention to this whole situation, he was totally into his mini skateboards in the back seat!


Vic said...

I have no tolerance for idiots when I'm in the car. I'm a full blown maniac...u don't want to mess with me or get in my way when I'm out and about....As frustrating as it is, I've learned to not get so upset at jerks because it only makes me more at risk for getting killed! that's how bad it is. People here carry guns because it's legal and I'm not about to get into it anymore with douches. right-hopefully you don't have this happen again-no fun! he can go stick it!

Have a nice night-relax:) xoxo

Mommy Hates Cooking said...

That's crazy!!! Scary too b/c you never know what these nuts are capable of doing these days!

Mommy Hates Cooking said...

Oh and I would have pepper sprayed him the second he got to my window! :)

Jessica Warrick said...

I have a very low tolerance for idiot swho think the world owes them something and clearly he was an idiot.

Ember said...

Road rage IS gettin crazy everywhere! I shoulda kept driving because I already knew he was an idiot by looking at him! Oh well live and learn!

Hey glad to know y'all got my back! =)