September 26, 2010

Relax & Surf Sunday... Surf on surfers....

I SOOO need some R&R!  Its been a FULL PTA mom week!  I think I am in dire need of real adult time!  I need to buck up and learn to PULL myself out of CONTROL FREAK mode and "Let it be", man I love that song!  So its time for a little Relax & Surf Sunday, you know the drill!  Somethin or Nothin!  Your choice.  Surf on surfers....  =)

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PS If your new here click the link to see how we Relax & Surf around here.  And don't forget to leave me a comment so I can followback! I ♥ my followers!


Rose said...

Hi Ember, I found your blog on MBC and I'm following you now. Your blog is great and your layout is so cute :)

Would love it if you could follow back and keep in touch

Have a good week!

Ember said...

Thanks for visiting Rose! I'm headed to your blog now! =)

Jennifer said...

Hi Ember,

I love this relax and surf idea! I'm stopping by from MBC. Stop by to say hello when you get a chance!

Warm Regards,
Jen Maddox