October 8, 2010

Freebie Friday: Love love love....

Its FRIDAY again!  It came fast!  I have a little more randomness for you today about some things I love love love!  Apparently "randomness" (which by the way I think I read on Free2bmommy's blog a while back and it stuck with me) seems to be my word of the week!  haha

I love to say "love love love", I'm glad its catchy and I'm hearing it everywhere too!

I LOVE the support I get on my blog from YOU awesome peeps!  It really DOES brighten my days!

Love this time of year, candy corn, cooler weather, holidays, the smells of all the goodies, oh and did I mention candy corn?? 

I have an obsession with flip flops, along with most California peeps I'm sure!  I once had 13 pair in my closet!  It can be FREEZING outside and you will still see me in flip flops!

I love love love FREEBIES, which is why I share them with you every Friday!  Have a fabulous weekend!

*Free tub of cottonelle wipes STILL available! I just got my free coupon in the mail yesterday!
*Glad odor shield trashbags
*Tide Acti-lift detergent
*COUPON for FREE Royal Canin Discovery box from Petco (cat food samples)
*Coupon and Free sample from Carefree and Stayfree
*Free bottle of Advil for first 500,000
*Touch up and Go gift pack For first 100,000(BUT wouldn't hurt to fill out form anyways I always get good stuff from them)

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Kristin said...

Hi! You've been selected for three awards at
Keenly Kristin. Please stop by to accept!

Kristin :)
Have a great weekend!

Ember said...

Thanks Kristin!

Jules said...

I had to swing by and tell you I made your Coconut Pecan bread on Friday and it's going over like gangbusters! I think I'm going to make the mini loaves for a shower I'm giving next month. Thanks for the recipe! :)

Ember said...

Glad to hear its a hit Jules!!! You made my day!

For a special baby shower touch, dust the top of the loaves with powdered sugar! =)