October 1, 2010

Freebie Friday: Oh what a week...

Ever had those weeks where one minute its Monday and you have all these great plans, then all the sudden its Thursday night and your thinking about all the things your going to have to do Friday because your not sure what happened to Tuesday-Thursday????  Please tell me I'm not the only one!  I SO need a vacation!

Here are this week's freebies!  Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

*Wei East Wrinkle relief eye cream
*Thomas coffee
*Earth's Best organic formula
*Wisk detergent (click on lower left hexagon)
*Garnier Fructis anti dandruff still available


Becky Jane said...

Thanks for the freebie links...i look forward to them!

Kimberly said...

Hi Ember! I left you an award on my blog! Yep another one...that's how much I like you! ~Kimberly


Ember said...

Glad you like them Becky! I love sharing great deals and freebies!

Thanks Kimberly!