November 16, 2010

Review of "Locals Only" by Hugh Holland

Welcome to Tuesday!  When asked by Ammo Books to check out the newly released "Locals Only" book, I was THRILLED!  I grew up enjoying the evolution of skateboarding and still find myself checking out the tricks of the local skaters today! 

"Locals Only" by Hugh Holland
edited by Steve Crist

Locals Only is a beautifully depicted 84 page photography collection by Hugh Holland of skaters in the 1970's, right here in Southern California.  While this book focuses on the 70's, and I grew up with skaters of the 80's & 90's, I really enjoyed seeing it through the author's photographic eye.  It seemed as if the comradery then and now is the same.  One goal in common, to skate.

Would you believe Holland held on to the photo's from Locals Only until 2006 when they were first presented in a gallery? 

I noticed some of these skaters did it barefoot too!  Crazy.

Hugh Holland is great at capturing the essence of that EXACT moment in his photography.  I almost felt as though I was sitting on the edge of an empty pool in the 70's watching! 

If you would like to get your own copy of "Locals Only", head over to

by Hugh Holland
USD 39.95

Thanks to Ammo Books for allowing me the opportunity to experience first hand their greatness!  Ammo Books carries a variety of great one-of-a-kind books featured in many well known media outlets.  Titles available in children's, art, design, pop culture and photography.  Stop by their website to check them out.

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This review is my personal honest opinion. Locals Only book provided to me by Ammo books.


Ashley said...

Wow what a cool book! What I love too is that those pics were taken on real film, so neat. I'll have to check that out!