December 27, 2010

Freebie Monday: Could I eat any more??

Trying to get back to the freebies for my peeps!  Hope you had a great holiday!  Ours was wonderful!  However, I can't wait to rip down the tree and jump into 2011, putting another eventful and exhausting year behind us!  Who's with me?  Oh and can I please stop eating!!!  There were SO many yummy foods this year!  I am FOR sure going to need to jump back into exercise too!

Here are a couple freebies to brighten your Monday! 

*Arm & hammer toothpaste
*Dove Daily treatment conditioner
*Gucci's new perfume 'Guilty' sample!
*Prilosec OTC


Robyn Lee said...

I'm with you! The tree is coming down asap, and yeah... Why does the holidays have to be surrounded by yummy goodness to eat? I'm so OVER it too! :) We'll get back on track and all will be well! Happy Holidays!

Karen said...

Your blog is so adorable!

Happy 2011! I just nominated you for the Stylish Blog Award. Please stop on by to claim your award!