January 3, 2011

WOW I'm back and its 2011!!

The fam and I decided to take a MUCH needed break to go camping in the desert for New Year's!
It was kinda last minute but man did we NEED a getaway!  Hubby and I celebrated another year of LOVE and blessings together too.
It was a little chilly, and oh did I mention on the way there we stopped at a rest area for some pillows out of the trailer and I twisted my foot in my flip flop and out the trailer door I fell about 6ft right on my ASS on the concrete!  I had no choice but to relax I guess.  Hurts but I'm movin on...  Not going to base my whole 2011 on that start! 

Speaking of starting 2011, I've decided NOT to have any resolutions this year.  Usually I choose a fast food place to eliminate each New Year's and vow to exercise and lose weight.  BORING, same old stuff (no disrespect to those starting off the new year that way, including my awesome hubby) just NOT for me this year.  I've decided on my "theme" for the year instead. 
I want to get back to basics and be simple.  Things have gotten so hairy and complicated I just find myself spinning in circles and not accomplishing anything.  Its time to get REAL and get SIMPLE.  I KNOW I CAN DO IT.
Declutter, clean out the closets, cupboards, crap all around, oh and maybe kick that annoying drama filled friend to the curb too.
I know I can! 

Happy New Year Everyone!


Klove said...

great resolution. I put the regular loose weight one on the back burner...that's something I think about all year...XOXO

Becky Jane said...

I love your simplify goal...decluttering is my favorite thing to do right now!

Ashley said...

Great idea Ember, I love the concept of a simple, uncluttered life! Xo

Ember said...

I'm just not sure where to start! =)

Vic said...

sorry you fell...now i hate flip flops...they also get stuck under the clutch sometimes...they're gonna kill us! i love having no resolutions....they suck...but i really need to lose some weight so my whole attitude is focusing on me more...love that you got some away time...so needed!:) y'all are too cute!

Ember said...

Vic, you have NO idea how many trip ups I've had from flip flops!! Still I can't bear to not wear em though! =)