December 13, 2010

Its MONDAY!! Here's what I'm diggin this week!

Welcome to Monday!  I guess this is the day you start "The 12 days of Christmas" right??  Anyone know how that works?  You always hear the song and such but never really when it "starts"! 

In a crappy economy, bad job market and the need for just about everything everywhere, I'm still FIGHTING to keep my "happy"!!  Here are some things I'm diggin on this week that have helped me keep that "happy" lingering around!

1. Planters Brittle Nut Medley! This stuff rocks!! And YES I pick out the brittle on occasion too! 

2. I'm LOVIN this CD by Lissie - Catchin a Tiger
I'm sure I heard it on one of my many CW shows I watch.  Its a hip easy CD to listen to in its entirety.

3.  Its Tamale season and my favorite kind is the Green chili and cheese!  They are hard to find but when you do and they are made right I could munch MASS quantities!  They are even better when paired with a tasty Marg on the rocks!  Here's a recipe if you are brave enough!  This weekend will be my first time joining in on making this authentic holiday tradition!  I'm so excited!

4.  The Lego Advent Calendar!  My boys love Lego's!  I bought a chocolate advent calendar and the Lego Advent calendar so they could switch off.  I am really impressed with it!  Each day has a new Lego figure or person!

5.   I'm LOVIN my fresh wreath on the front door!  Every time I walk through the front door I get a whiff of balsam!  And what is even better is I can toss it in the campfire for New Years for a nice smell when its all dry!  AND I don't have to find a place to store it for the season either.  I have enough crap to store, one less makes me happy!

Happy Monday Y'all!!


Ashley said...

I'm loving this post Ember. These are all such great ideas! I've never heard of the lego advent calendar, that's really cool. And we have allergies at our house so have a fake tree but I never thought of a wreath on the front door for a hit of real Christmas! xo

Ember said...

The calendar is so cool! =)