January 15, 2011

Freebie Saturday: High Hopes...

Welcome to the weekend folks!  It seems like this past week was emotional like no other, every day there was a different event to spark a roller coaster of emotion!  One HAPPY thing this week was getting some FREEBIES in the mail!  I love good freebies!  I've been slacking on Freebie Friday so I thought I would continually post daily freebies on my Facebook fan page, if you aren't a "fan" yet please join me!  Sometimes there are good freebies that go quick and its easier to keep everyone up to date there!  Tell me about a good freebie you received lately!  Mine was the AWESOME sample of Seattle's best coffee!  YUMMY I love coffee!

My high hopes for the weekend and upcoming week are that the Green Bay Packers win their game today!  And that people start being more considerate toward others, haven't they ever heard the saying "Do unto others"????????  Hey I said I had HIGH HOPES!  =)

Here are a couple freebies for you!  And don't forget to check my Facebook page for even more!

*Free Handwashing timer for kids
*Being Girl sample kit
*Lactaid sample
*Crest 3d whitestrips


Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the weekend hops to say hello and to follow.
Have a great weekend!

Hyde said...

Yay Packers won!! Haha.
New follower

Vic said...

you know i'm trying real hard to do the coupon things and get more deals...i want my food for $2 like the coupon queens on tlc...ughh! that coupon printer put a virus on my computer though! i'll be checking out more here and let me know if you know how to print coupons without installing that stupid printer when i already have one!....sorry ranting:)

Ember said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Vic, rant away! =)