January 31, 2011

What makes me smile today....

Its Monday....  I've decided to tell the world what makes me smile today....

MMMMmmmmm....  I LOVE coffee and what makes it even better is the Almond Joy creamer(International Delight) I put in it, we already went through 3 bottles.  =) 

Hugs from my boys, I love hugs.....   =)

The cold wet "wake up mom" nose from my furkid Marlee.....  =)

Watching all the different birds at the bird feeder(more on this later this week).....  =)

Although I wish I was employed, still being in my pajamas at 10am on a Monday makes me smile.... =)

Happy Monday Peeps, Smile....


Kristina Ruth said...

Almond joy creamer. Never seen or heard that one. Sounds divine. Coffee makes everyone smile.

Hope you have a great monday.


Jennifer said...

Who makes the Almond Joy creamer? Thats sounds awesome. I also love staying in my pajamas all day & wish I was working again.

Ember said...

I'll edit my post, its made by international delight! SO good!

Rachel said...

I agree, hugs are great!! :)

Hope you had a wonderful day!


Mama Mandolin said...

Hey! I found you in the so-cal group on bloggy moms! I'm a so-cal mom too....now following!

Stop by my blog and say hi!