February 20, 2011

What's YOUR plate??

I had alot of errands to run this weekend and while enjoying some soothing tunes I noticed alot of personalized license plates.  I'm pretty aware of my daily surroundings and never before can I recall seeing SO many personalized plates!  Everyone with a personalized plate must have been out running errands too. teehee!  I saw "7 FITTI" on a BMW 750, "LO KEE" on some sort of low rider and a few more. Well that got me thinkin, and no I didn't hurt myself thinking, HA!  I've never had a personal plate on any of my bagillion cars I've had over the years, and wow, what on earth would I put on one???  I couldn't for the life of me think of anything!!!  So while having one of those "if we won the lottery" fun conversations later with my hubby(yes we do that as therapy to get our minds off stress sometimes) I decided my first plate on my dream car down below there would be "EMSASTN" !!  Plain and unoriginal I know but WHATEVER, its what I would pick....  today....   =D
What would YOUR plate be?? 


AMo said...

STAYBAK - I'm a REALLY bad driver. :)

Ember said...

Love it! =)