April 14, 2011

Freebie Friday: What happened to the last month??

Well I started my new job on 3/15 and where did the month go?  I have struggled to find balance with it all.  I've been unemployed for 2 years and its hard to get back into it all!  I'm searching for some sort of balance.  I love a good challenge but this one is tiring.  I have so many good posts I want to share but can't find the time!  Slowly I am coming back though, don't give up!  I haven't done a freebie Friday in a while so I thought I'd throw a few on here, who doesn't love a freebie?

A quick note;  I know some of you have seen my tweets about this but your gonna hear it again!  haha  My dear friend Cathy has started a blog http://lifeasweiknowit.blogspot.com/   Over the years she has given me some great advice and been a great ear when I needed to blah blah blah!  I just know you will enjoy reading her words!  I encourage you to go read her blog and show some comment love.  I remember when I first started my blog over a year ago I would get great excitement out of reading the comments and seeing new followers!

A bit of excitement for me this weekend!  The fam and I are going whale watching, I really hope to see some.  I could watch the ocean for hours.  Just don't like swimming in it.  Don't want anything nibbling at my toes!  =)

*Kotex sample
*Purex complete with Zout
*Carefree sample
*Creme of Nature shampoo
*Eucerin lotion
*Dove Daily treatment conditioner


Nelson Souzza said...

The blog is very good!

Kaycee said...

Hmm...waiting to hear if you saw any whales. I've never been whale-watching but it's on my bucket-list for sure! :) New to the blog, but plan to be back.