April 30, 2011

Windy city~~~~

The wind here is crazy today, this is not out of the norm for us either.  I'm almost thinking we should be renamed the "windy city"!  Gusts up to 70mph today.  Its awesome when I'm driving and have to dodge tumbleweeds, or slow down to pass an overturned semi, ladders or other debris!  NOT!  Its actually kinda scary!  I'm super bummed that I can't do my gardening today either, I really wanted to mulch and wash my car(ok I was going to make my kids wash my car).  Anyway, I hope you have a FAB weekend no matter what you do!

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Vic said...

it was awful windy here too...we're getting some light storms! i guess no washing for me either:) love ya lady! xoxo

Rachel said...

Hey! I voted for ya!! :) It's been really windy around Dallas too. There have been days where I refuse to do my hair until I get to work (it's pointless to do anything with it if I have to walk outside!) ;)

Have a great day!


Ember said...

Thx Vic & Rachel! Its STILL windy! Craziness!!