April 29, 2011

Weekend Breakfast Biscuits

This recipe came from my mom's hubby Rick, we call them "Riscuits" but I thought I'd change them for y'all to weekend breakfast biscuits, since this is a wonderful Saturday morning munchie!  Rick likes to add tomato slices and hot sauce, and really you can add what you like but this recipe is what my family likes.  There are NEVER any leftovers either.  Enjoy!

Weekend Breakfast Biscuits
1 egg per sandwich (sometimes I split the egg if the bicuits are small)
1 roll of beef (or regular) summer sausage
1 roll biscuits
sliced cheese

 preheat oven and get biscuits cooking
 Slice summer sausage

 cook sausage until browned
 fry eggs how you like them

 line it all up for assembly line
 I like to slice open hot biscuits and assemble with cheese first to ensure yummy melted cheese....


Free2bMommy said...

Ummmmm those look freaking delish!!!


Beauty and the Green said...

My goodness, that looks soooooo good! Am following from MBC and its a pleasure to follow you!

Dreaming life Cathy said...

I'm bringing my belly over to taste.....Okay, I'm going to eat away! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!